Looking back 11 months!!

This time last year we were getting ready to fly to Australia for 8 glorious weeks, we flew out just as the 1st of the snow hit ( end of Nov!) & didn’t come back until the end of January!

This is when I started blogging & really enjoyed it, although sometimes when we hadn’t had a connection for a few day’s it was a struggle to remember everything we had done & wow all the pictures. In 8 weeks I took nearly 5000 pictures! They are all now on discs ………….. a lot of discs!!!
I did think about copying all the blog’s over to here but it’s just as easy to post the link & let you have a look yourself & at the pics ( don’t panic there’s only about 100 on there! ) but if your friends with me on FB then you can see ALL the pics!! Lmao http://www.getjealous.com/nessandiansaussietour
We are planning a return trip in 2013/2014 which yet again coincides with The Ashes test! We do plan on doing some thing differently & spending more time in certain places & avoiding other.
We have yet again been offered accommodation in a few places i.e Port Douglas, Melbourne & Adelaide & will be seriously considering these!! Gotta love our Aussie friends!

This was taken from about 10ft away, how bloody impressive are they??

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