Ok so yet again Halloween is upon us & each year it get’s bigger & bigger over here.
 My American & Canadian friends have always celebrated big style & it seem’s the UK is catching on. Even a friend in Estonia posted this earlier on his FB status “ Is it just me, or is everyone going Halloween crazy this year? We’ll be celebrating the 4th of July next…”

I’m not sure I agree with it all & the OTT commercialism but a lot seem to like it & especially the kids but boy the outfits are so expensive, although Matalan had them all half price today!

My neighbours are really good with their kids & they don’t go round door to door they just have parties between them & friends & the kids all got dressed up & they’ve decorated inside their house & the porch. They don’t let the kids roam the streets knocking on strangers doors but there are alot of parents who don’t worry about where the kids are!

Pumpkins this year have been a massive seller here & a lot of people have missed out cos the stores sold out early.

My friend & her daughters have been pumpkin carving, cake making & decorating the outside of her house!

Take a look :-

Too much Pumpkin juice!!!
An apple a day keep’s the doctor away!!
Pest control need a call about all those spiders!!!

Who’s a clever girl them??

Are the 2 ghosts on the front & right constipated? …….
No their having a marzi-poo!!!

A friend last year said how her kids had gone through all their sweets & numbered them so they would know if any had been eaten when they weren’t there! Lol

For everyone celebrating Halloween have fun & stay safe.

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  1. Love the party idea, we do trick or treating at Coombe Mill but it is all organised as 1 procession with children, parents and participating properties. Not keen on the door to door thing otherwise

  2. Yeah I'm don't like door to door.It's great when there are a lot of kids all getting involved. xx

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