The time has come!!!

Yep it’s THAT time of year again …………. time to dust the WII!!!

Our conservatory is fairly well set up with various pieces of “gym” equipment including a WII & WII fit board.
Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy it when I use it but geez i’m so uncoordinated ,although using the WII board the wrong way round does tend to make things not go quite right! I wondered why I just couldn’t get the aerobic steps right & kept “missing” my step!! Lmao it only took me about 20mins to realise!!!

So i’ve been looking at buying the “Wii Zumba” but I saw a preview of the Zumba 2 & OMG it’s crazy!!

 Ian & I 1st saw Zumba last December when we were in Cairns & they did massive free zumba sessions in the park on the edge of the marina, far better setting than in a conservatory in Birmingham!! It was about 90+ & 80% humidity & these guys were pumping there bodies away to the beat & not holding back! We were shattered just watching them!

 All shapes & ages join in.

Zumba fever takes over in Cairns.

 See even the young kids get involved!

This was the view down towards the park —–>

This was the swimming pool next to the park.

We turned round & this was behind us, now that felt really odd,
hot & sunny & a Christmas Tree!!!
 Walking down the promenade there were places to exercise all along & people using them & even people waiting to use them! & joggers running everywhere!
Ok we’d only just arrived so the temp & jet lag was our excuse  & we’re sticking to it!
But back to my original post, do I get the Zumba disc & make a fool of myself (although Ian has said he’ll join in!!) ? I really am totally uncoordinated beyond belief!!
I’m waiting for a certain something to arrive in the post which they virtually promise will help & I also hope to  be an ambassador for them & i’ll be deffo blogging about them regardless. It’s a 2 weeks challenge to start with so it wont be too boring & the results should be visible by then!  

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  1. Copied from FB for my wonderful friend who lives in Melbourne xxKim Aitchison Can't comment without joining!12 minutes ago · LikeKim Aitchison I was really keen on getting it too, but after watching others do it on youtube I didn't think I had a hope! It looks so hard, and you definately have to have some coordination. It does look like so much fun though. Maybe the other dance ones might suit us better. I've heard a couple of people say they are good but I haven't youtubed them yet. Or better still, maybe I'll go do the live zumba classes, it looks like every one was having fun in your photos. Kim xx12 minutes ago · Like

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