Ok the van pulls up outside, “are you expecting anything?” say’s Ian, “errrrr yeah but not sure what!” I replied!
I head to the door & a LARGE box is making it’s way in the delivery guy’s arms, & it appeared to be a fairly light box, oh boy was I wrong I picked it up & it was HEAVY!! I then saw the label saying “Bulmers” on it!!! Wooohooooo my prizes had arrived!
This is what greeted me when I opened the
top of the box , oh a pair of eye’s!!!
Or in other words a pair of sunglasses!
After fighting through a massive amount of bubble wrap ( which will be recycled) I found a white box which on opening I found a gorgeous Bulmers glass, it’s more like a ladies glass as it’s far more delicate than a normal pint glass.
Digging through some more bubble wrap I hit upon a parcel all wrapped in more wrap & low & behold I got through it all & found 12 yes 12, I say again 12!! pint sized bottles of Bulmers No17 cider.
A few months ago I entered a competition on Facebook that Bulmers ran asking for “Experimenters” for the Bulmers Experience. All I had to do was comment as to what I would do if I won! Sadly it was more of a summer contest & due to an unfortunate delivery delay (as far as I know beyond Bulmers control) it’s now nearly winter so the outdoor summer party is out of the question but I’m sure we will put them to a very good use when we open & test them!
I have actually had the cider before & loved it, personally I find it does need to be ice cold as I (again personally) find it a little sweet when it get’s warm.

To quote from Bulmers.
“Made with crushed red berries cut with a shot of lime.
Bulmers No17 is a powerfully refreshing cider.”

Thanks Bulmers for this lovely prize & we’ll enjoy every drop of it!
You can find them  by clicking the following links
Web page Bulmers
Facebook Page Bulmers
Twitter Bulmers

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  1. What a great win, I have had Bulmers before and it is lovely. Great pictures, hope we get to see some of the special occasion when they break out!

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