Princes Brekkie Hamper

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition Princes Brekkie Hamper.
It arrived  very early on Friday morning (thankfully my postman is used to me looking rough!)
I did resist opening it till I was fully awake & had recovered from the weight of it! 
Blimey it was really heavy!

Partially opened, it was well packaged.

Someone sure had fun shredding all the pretty paper up! 

Inside was 1 of each of the following :-
 1ltr carton of Orange Juice
1ltr carton of Apple Juice 
Peach slices
Pear halves
Pineapple chunks
Mandarin segments


Fruit Cocktail mix
Grapefruit Segments
A scented candle
4 Place mats
a colouring book
 2 £1 off vouchers

A great storage box.

They had also included a sheet with nutritional information on it.
On the outside of each can it tells you how many of your five-a-day each can offers you very clearly on the label so there’s no need to search around for it or any excuse for not knowing the information.
The juices went straight in the fridge to chill down & then on Saturday morning we tucked in to the mandarins, peaches & pineapple with a glass of orange juice on the side.
I’m sure it’s not just me that had forgotten about tinned fruit & how much nicer it is nowadays that it’s not filled with  claggy syrup like it used to be (that’s my own view on them!).
Sunday tea always used to be as mix fruit salad, cream/evaporated milk & bread & butter.
I don’t think since leaving my parents home i’ve ever thought about doing tea like that on a Sunday, but still confused at to what the bread & butter was all about, come on with fruit???
The only time i’ve brought tinned fruit is to make my mum’s famous pineapple cheesecake
but I really enjoyed having the tinned fruit on it’s own & it tasted lovely & fresh.
Thank you Princes for this lovely hamper & for re-introducing me back to tinned fruit.
I have been very kindly offered a Princes Hamper to 1 lucky person.
Sorry this is UK only due to the weight of the hamper.
Please click on the “Competition” Tab & follow the details.

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