Part 2 of an Expensive lesson!

Ok so did you read part 1??? No? Ok here’s the link :- Toothbrush!

Ok so now you’ve read it, are ready for part 2?

So the phone call is made, it was a freephone number they gave me so out came the unused landline phone (it only get’s used to call the phone company or for freephone numbers!!) 

I blew the dust off it & pressed ( that doesn’t sound as good as “dialled” does it?) the numbers ……. ok it was answered by a female voice fairly quickly who then offered me 4 choices, mine was the last 1 to hold on & wait for assistance! I then get a LONG message about how my call will be reordered blah blah blah.

Eventually a real person answers & sounded polite but didn’t give me her name! That was the 1st thing I asked for & she seemed a little shocked, but very politely I said “Hello Rachel”  & explained I had been asked to call by Gemma via email the day before.

She asked for the reference number at the bottom of the email & said would I excuse her whilst she went quiet for a moment whilst she read the messages. Nope I didn’t mind but it was nice to be told there would be some silence instead of wondering if you’ve been cut off!

Straight away after reading it she apologised that I felt the way I did about it & could understand my concerns about the added cost to purchase the extra brush heads.

I explained I believe it should state on the outside of the box & on the online product information that it is a 1 person system & further brush heads needed to be purchased for other family members. I said I was shocked that a toothbrush costing £179.99 was for a single person & we’d always previously received 4 further heads with the brushes.

She then told me something I didn’t know ……….. they DO offer a 30day money back guarantee whereas Argos said it could not be refunded unless faulty, but this is not stated in any information that came with the brush! So it’s pure guess work to know that!

She then checked online for prices of brush heads & said that Boots where having a sale on there heads & gave me various prices & said as a gesture of goodwill they would send me £20 voucher (which I believe will be for Boots) to purchase some more heads. I can actually get 8 plague brush heads for that, so thank you very much.

I thanked her for the kind offer & before ending the conversation she thanked me for contacting the company & explaining that their details were not clear & asked me to contact them in the future however small the problem seemed to let them know, because & I quote “without people letting us know we can’t improve our products or packaging without the feedback” 

Personally I feel they have made a fair offer to me & seemed genuinely concerned about my views on it.

Ok now do I name names????

Lmao not yet ……………..

This morning I actually used the toothbrush with the plague brush head on & although I’m not a fan of electric brushes 1st thing in the morning I have to say I AM IMPRESSED by this toothbrush, even after 8 hours my teeth still feel really clean. It’s a lot of money even at half price £89.99 but so far I DO like it!!

I will be even happier when Ian & I aren’t having to share brush heads but I will use it again.

Ok now for the big reveal!!!

It was a :- 

Braun Oral-B Triumph IQ 5000 Rechargeable Power Toothbrush with Smart Guide

It’s a shame the reviews on Amazon are incorrect as to the reference of the brush as they have reviews going back to 2009 yet this is a new brush!! They have mixed all the Braun Triumph reviews up together so it’s very confusing!

It does need more detailed instructions & also the smart guide can be synchronised with another handle a max of 2 per smart guide! Ok I for 1 can not afford another £89.99 so we’ll go unsynchronised I guess!

Ok i’ve just looked back at the information on Argos & in 1 day they have reduced it from half price (that I paid) £89.99 & it is now £71.99!!!!! WHAT this is disgusting OMG now I’m pee’d off again!!! 

I feel like contacting them again!!! Or maybe a call to Argos!!!

** Edit I have just sent off an email through their contact details on line to Arogs, I have made a copy of what I wrote but as yet I wont print what I have written. I will give the chance to respond!**


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  1. and the saga continues! We will all be able to afford one soon!

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