The saga continues!!!!

All this for a bloody toothbrush!!!
Part 1 
Part 2

Ok here’s the last & hopefully final part of the saga of the toothbrush!!!

So within about 30mins of me sending my message to Argos they rang me up & said they were going to ring my local store to see what could be done & she totally agreed with me that within 24hrs to reduce a product by £18 isn’t really fair at all.

5mins later she rang back & said after having spoken to the store manager & as long as we hadn’t used it I cold take it back & get a refund & then they would then sell it to me again for the cheaper price.

Ok that’s fair enough but we’d used it so they couldn’t do anything. 

The big guns then came out & I said to her “oh well it’s faulty so i’ll need to bring it back”! she laughed & told me that yes if it was “faulty” I could take it back!

I headed off to a different branch ( that was purely cos I was working that way) & told them it was faulty & asked for a refund. She asked if I wanted another & I said i’d get my money back & have a look in the brochure!
So off I trot to the catalogue & check the stock, yep 4 in stock so I then went & paid for it using my FREE £5 voucher they gave me yesterday (well they didn’t ask for it back …………… so there’s a glitch & a good way to make some money by buying stuff, getting the vouchers & then taking the stuff back!!!) I had been given a voucher for £52.50 for part of the refund as I had used Nectar points & then paid £14.79  ………. so not only did I save £18 on the price from yesterday I got another £5 off & £20 of vouchers coming it’s not worked out quite as expensive as it should’ve been!! £43 discount in total!

I can’t believe so much stress can be caused from 1 bloody toothbrush & i’ve still got to go & buy some more brush heads!!

Roll on some peace & quiet!!!!

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