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Ok i’m not alone in being a female who enjoys football, although I will admit rugby is top of the list but that’s another blog!!! Lmao

We’re West Bromwich Albion season ticket holders & I will admit at times it’s bloody hard work!!

We start off in the pub down the road before every regular Saturday kick off time! Today we were playing Bolton, the forecourt of the pub was packed & very noisy but then again Bolton had given all the fans FREE transport & massively reduced ticket prices! Students, children, oap’s & disabled for £5, & all others for £15, they sold out of their 2000 ticket allocation!

I had heard it was due to be our largest gate of the season & it sure was.

The place was full of police but the atmosphere was really good, we did get confused in the pub as they were giving the 1’s inside plastic glasses & the 1’s going outside glass glasses!! They seemed to like singing, not that we could  understand them most of the time!!

The Hawthorns (our ground’s name) is the highest ground above sea level & we sit on the very back row so to get to our seats it’s a climb! We need to petition for a stair lift & oxygen on reaching the top. I’m sure at times we can see snow on our seats!! Lol

The view from our seats! Full zoom

Normal view

A third of the way from the pitch normal view.

Zoomed view.
I’m not going to go into detail of the game cos you’d be asleep in minutes!! But I hasten to say, the ref & linesmen were fairly unpopular (as usual!) & at times it was ssslllooowww.

We managed to win 2-1 thankfully, cos we really did need it!!

Being a Baggies (our nickname) supporter has reduced even grown men to tears, i’m sure it’s the reason why there seems to be a lot of bald men, cos they’ve pulled their hair out in frustration. At times watching paint dry would be far more exciting we we’re there each week & we wont leave till the final whistle regardless of the score (ok we did leave 1 min early but the scoreline was 1 to forget!) 

As I said i’m more a rugby girl & looking forward to going to our next game where I can drool ……… er cough cough watch “real” men run about.

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