My Top 5 gadgets – Listography

This is where it get’s scary to see what we are dependant on!!

   1. After listening to my washing machine & it’s death rattle think that’s struggling to keep going, although saying that tonight it behaved & was quite quiet so think “someone” had over filled it!!!

     2.  My laptop must come in at number 2 as it’s a major lifeline to my online family. It was great to have my mini laptop when we travelled Australia & for keeping in touch with family back home.

     3. My mobile phone, it’s the life blood of my work & I guess if I didn’t do mobile work I could really do without it, most of the time it’s on silent when i’m working anyway!

    4 .  I think I’ll have to choose my straighteners over my hair-dryer as they can tame my wild mop far more effectively than a dryer!

     5. Even though most bottles are now screw top I’ll have to add my bottle opener to my gadget list if that counts!! I’d be lost without it so it’s important to me, don’t get me wrong I don’t drink much but a nice glass of rose or an Australian semillion is fantastic.

So what could you not live without? Find out what

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