I’m not the only crazy ass in the world!!

Even in a deep sleep I can hear the postman’s van pull up outside …………….. I leapt out of bed (ok leaping may be an exaggeration!) & headed to the window but whatever it was didn’t need signing for so he just left it in the porch. I checked the clock ………………… 7:05am …………. oh let’s got back to sleep for a bit I thought.

So I nodded off again whilst trying to rack the grey matter to think what it could be.

45mins later I woke again from a not so good sleep & after getting dressed Crunchie & I headed downstairs, she goes outside & I head to the porch & find this sitting there  

It’s even addressed to Crunchie!!!!

Wooohoooo it’s a doggy advent calendar 

Crunchie LOVES it.
It came with a note to say 
“Love from Daisy”

Hello i’m Daisy …….
 Can you see the stripy toy at my grandad’s?
 It’s Crunchie’s but we share it!
My darling sister with both our girls.

Having a chat with Crunchie on FB!!

We’re not all crazy in our family but it sure helps with the day to day living.
 I don’t get to see my family too much but cherish every daft thing that we do.
Gaynor’s won the crazy ass award for today,  but trust me i’ll have the last laugh with their birthday presents!!!

Thanks big sister I love you so much xxxxx 

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