Oh ‘eck i’ve got no make up on!!

There’s nothing nicer than chilling out on a Sunday afternoon after a lovely (yes i did cook it!) roast dinner & watching the F1.

16:48 ………….. the doorbells goes!! Who? What? We’re not expecting anyone & my 1st thought was “oh ‘eck i’ve got no make up on!

It’s dark so but the security light in the porch lights up & low & behold it’s a delivery guy  ……………… “er on a Sunday?” I asked him …………….. “yeah we’re busy!” 

It’s only November surely they can’t be that busy yet? I know this year is very odd cos i’ve just cut the lawn this afternoon & had all the doors open, this time last year we had got a good covering of snow!

Ok ok you want to know what exciting delivery is that is so important they deliver it on a Sunday so late …………… well it’s dog food ………… yep you heard me dog food!! 

We ordered it on Amazon last week during their Black Friday 5 day sale. We ordered 2 on Monday & 4 (2 different types) on Tuesday. You could only order 1 per person so we both placed orders on both days.

Monday’s order came at 8:40am Thursday & 1 of 1 & 1 of the other variety came on Friday at 8:35am leaving us both 1 bag short of opposite flavours.

This is a pic of 4 of the bags, the front & the 1 on the left just came & the 1 at the back middle & the right came Friday, I need to sort the shed out so they can go away in there with the other 2 bags. This will  last us over a year so we’re sorted!!

The funniest thing is none of the delivery men have wanted to come too close to the house, which i’m guessing is cos we’ve got so much food they think Crunchie must be a big dog, ha little did they know that this was her position :-  

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