A year ago was my 1st stab at blogging.

This time last year we were doing our final packing in preparation of our 8 week trip to Australia. This was the start of my blogging & I loved it.

I will try to add the next stage of our trip each day as we did it last year & repeat the journey!

This is our trip in condensed form!

33 Stops
29th Jan 2011    Birmingham United Kingdom
28th Jan 2011    Dubai United Arab Emirates
21st Jan 2011    Safety Bay Australia
19th Jan 2011    Margaret River Australia
8th Jan 2011    Safety Bay Australia
8th Jan 2011    Perth Australia
7th Jan 2011    Kalgoorlie Australia
6th Jan 2011    Port Augusta Australia
6th Jan 2011    Adelaide Australia
6th Jan 2011    Broken Hill Australia
5th Jan 2011    Indian Pacific Station Australia
30th Dec 2010    Sydney Australia
23rd Dec 2010    Melbourne Australia
22nd Dec 2010    Phillip Island Australia
21st Dec 2010    Lakes Entrance Australia
20th Dec 2010    Tathra Australia
19th Dec 2010    Canberra Australia
17th Dec 2010    Jenolan Australia
16th Dec 2010    Hunter Valley Rd, Vermont South Australia
15th Dec 2010    Port Macquarie Australia
14th Dec 2010    Coffs Harbour Australia
13th Dec 2010    Byron Bay Australia
11th Dec 2010    Brisbane Australia
10th Dec 2010    Hervey Bay Australia
8th Dec 2010    Bundaberg Australia
7th Dec 2010    Rockhampton Australia
5th Dec 2010    Airlie Beach Australia
4th Dec 2010    Townsville Australia
3rd Dec 2010    Great Barrier Reef Australia
2nd Dec 2010    Cairns Australia
2nd Dec 2010    Brisbane Australia
1st Dec 2010    Dubai United Arab Emirates
30th Nov 2010    Birmingham International Airport, Bickenhill United Kingdom

This is the 1st post I did & you can head over to our travel blog to read the rest & see some of the pictures:-

Ok so we’ve been planing this trip for a few years now & finally it’s coming round really fast!
We leave the UK on Tuesday 30th November from Birmingham International at around 8pm. After a connecting flight from Brisbane to Cairns we visit the Great Barrier Reef and then spend 3 weeks in a camper van travelling from Cairns to Melbourne stopping at various places on the way.
We then spend nearly a week in Melbourne with some amazing friends & celebrate Christmas with them.  Whilst we are in Melbourne we are going to the MCG to watch game four of The Ashes!
We then fly to Sydney where we stay in a hotel for New Year. During our time in Sydney we will have 2 days at game 5 of the Ashes at the SCG before catching The Indian Pacific Train to Perth.
We then spend our final 20 days just outside Perth in Safety Bay (Rockingham area) before sadly flying home

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