Our Christmas tree & decorations.

This year we’ve had to put our tree in the conservatory as we’ve had a move round & without getting rid of Crunchie’s bed there’s nowhere in the lounge to put the tree!

This in my table display with all my Christmas toys surrounding my lighted twigs. 
As you can see the table is where the tree used to be so there is no room for it there!!
This picture show 2 of the lovely decorations that we were sent by our wonderful
friend in America & each year they come out & take
pride of place in our display.

We have 3 of these snow-people who are very cheeky & often go for a wonder around the room, 
we never know where they are going to be when we get home!

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  1. The tree is beautiful & you have lots of very nice decorations Ness!! I put up a tree and decorated the "work" house this week, but it sucks because all the decorations are as "budget" as they come.. lol. I haven't done a single decoration at my house yet…it is my first day off though, so maybe I'll get it done the next couple days. 🙂 I am going to do something a bit "unexpected" this year.. lol.. will explain another time! The decorations may not be up, but I'm still wayyyy ahead of the game this year..I am TOTALLY done all my shopping my family, got all the shopping done for work (the kids & kids family)inclduing stocking stuffers! Wow! go me! lol If I was Jessica (bahahahaha if she reads this) I would not only been done a month ago, I also would have them all wrapped and under the tree.. bahaha I'll prob get to that by sometime xmas eve.. haha.

  2. haven't started decorating, haven't started decorating, haven't bought any Christmas card and took some formal engagement that I will send some… Oh dear I'm late! lolps: I love your pink snowmen, I want to steal them while you're not looking!

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