Virtual Friends

Virtual friends.

We have never walked hand and hand by the seashore.

We have never danced in the moonlight

We have never been for a midnight swim.

We have never wished upon a falling star.

We have never sun-bathed in upon the golden sand.

We have never been together to watch the sun come up.

We have never celebrated Thanksgiving together.

We have never had pictures taken beneath a Christmas tree.

We have never kissed under the mistletoe.

We have never had our first date or shared

a piece of wedding cake.

We have never had a shouting match or

hurt each other with unkind words.

We have never forgotten just how we met.

We randomly ran into each other on the internet.

We have these little options to delete each other if we please,

but our friend’s list would just not be so incomplete.

We have shared our secrets and our delights.

We have chatted all night long and wondered why

we missed the dawn.

We have missed our dinners and forgotten our manners

Our friends think we have gone crazy

because our cyberfriends are all that matter.

We speak of each other like we have known

each other all our lives and people

who dont understand ask us why.

Friends will wonder how we can exchange rings

and vow to love each other for evermore.

They just don’t understand our fantasy world

and they wonder how we could have so much fun.

We must pray everyday for the real people out there on earth

that soon they will join us in cyberspace

and we will welcome them with open arms and a smiley face.

If there room in our virtual world,we will share with them

our reality.

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