Totally disappointed!

I was lucky to win a prize in a massive early Christmas giveaway & was informed I had won a “Cotton bag of toddler toys!

So I waited & I waited & it got to the cut off date for when we had been told all prizes should have been delivered by & I was still waiting. I contacted the organiser who immediately contacted the company involved & was then informed my prize would be with me by this Friday.

Well this morning (Thursday) it finally arrived & I opened it was an excited suspense to be greeted by a very small  20 x 14cm bag containing:-

A tiny pirate note pad (price taggged 75p 50p)
some pirate stickers (no price but on their web at 35p)
A tiny rubber no idea what the pic is! ( tagged £1.50 75p)
A wind up cat (tagged £1.50 99p)
a bouncy ball (web price 50p)
An Alien Baby (in slime) in an egg! (web price £1.50)
A pirate pencil (web price 25p)
A Squeezy Pufferz (tagged £2.00 £1.50)

A grand total of  £6.34

I may sound very ungrateful as it was a prize but it was also a way of the company getting a large amount of advertising during the giveaway.

I have spoken to the organiser & I have quoted the message regrading the prize

 “a about a cotton bag of toys.. approx 23 x 25cm with a few v. nice toys inside, would that be ok? It’ll be generic.”

Ok 1st thing, the bag is way smaller than the size they quoted!
      2nd thing, these are NOT very nice toys!
      3rd thing, how can they be generic when all the items in the bag are male orientated!

Some of the items are 3+ but 1 is 6+, personally I wouldn’t give any of these items to a 3yr old let alone a 6 yr old & would sooner then be binned!

This taken from their Twitter description :  

I’m not snobby I just have high standards. 

 I have to say from their twitter description I feel they are somewhat misleading people!

This is the description from their FB page :

Company Overview
Party Bags are a must these days and Frog in the Field have got a great selection of designs & bags for your party. Prices are from £2.50.
We have an in-house technical illustrator who will design and print bags by hand just for your party, we can even personalise each bag.
To supply the UK with the very best party bags at the very best prices!
Selling great party bags at great prices!
Party bags for birthday parties.
Wedding activity bags.
Party bag fillers.
Party bag toys.
Pre-filled party bags.
Personalised Party Bags
Hand-printed cotton bags.
Hand-printed Cotton Bunting for Weddings, parties and Bedroom decoration

I also sell Greetings cards & party Invitations, Thank you’s etc.
I am an Independent Phoenix Trader

I took me a lot of deep thinking to decide if to name them or not but I have decided to so other’s wont get caught out.
 They are “Frog in a field
They were happy to “provide” the prize for free advertising so it’s only fair they should take the flack for giving away “rubbish”

I was offered by the organiser a different gift for either me or for a child but I have refused as this would mean that they would have to give me prizes that they are using for a future giveaway & this is unfair to everyone else.
But I do that the organiser for the kind offer.

Yes this is totally my opinion ( & only my opinion unless stated otherwise)

In my reviews I will always be totally honest & unbiased. 

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  1. Well this definitly wasnt a unisex – oriented loot bag for sure….and they shouldnt describe it as they did, as being more than what it was…a kid's birthday party loot bag…the kind you give to the kids who attend ur kids party as a thanks for coming kind of thing…'cotton bag of toddler toys' is definitly misrepresentation of what you recieved. Had they stated a free sample of a type of loot bag we make….ok….then yeah, it would be satisfactory. But nope…not what u got lol.on a side note…the loot bag sucked lmaooo. I have 2 boys aged 3 and 8, and sorry…but I could get all those things at the local dollar store in 3 for a buck packs etc, and make my own loot bags for about the same price….so theyre not offering anything special at all.. theyre just taking the work outta doing it for you…lol…. but hey…thats my opinion ;)Frenchfry ;0

  2. I totally agree with you on all of the point's. I'm sure my local pound shop does similar stuff for probably a cheaper price!I have now linked the in to their webpage, twitter & FB, although they seem to have very little interaction with the internet.It's sad that they wanted to publicity & it's turned negative through their 1 sided greed.Ness x

  3. for me, a toddler is basically below 3… That is for at least 5+ kids really… Sorry for that Ness xx

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