Money saving tip!

Here’s a little money saving tip for you!

After checking out a lot of sites I ended up on Vista Print yesterday to order 7 photo calendars, these were coming out the cheapest by far even though each site seemed to offer various discounts once you got the the till the price went sky high.

So after choosing the design & the 13 pictures I wanted to use I got to the checkout & the price was showing as just over £29 of which I believed the postage was included.
I went through the full paypal procedure & it then took me back to Vista Print to complete my order to review the order before confirming it ………………… boy was I glad they did as they then added extra postage costing’s on & also taxes!! Taking the total to OVER £42!! 
Forget that!! I could order 7 separate calendars for 99p each & with the posting it was only going to be £32! so I left the site & decided to check again today…………….

Well low & behold I get an email from Vista Print saying :-

We noticed that the designs in your portfolio have not yet been ordered. Why not turn these great ideas into great products now?” 

 I clicked the link provided & continued with the order & low & behold today i’ve got the same order being delivered for:-

                                                         Original Price                          You Pay

Product Total:                                         £57.48                                  £19.98
Shipping & Processing (Slow 21 Day):                                                £3.78
Tax:                                                                                                        £4.76
Total:                                                       £66.02                                   £28.52
                                                                             You Saved             £37.50!

So my tip to you ……………. put the order in your account & then wait for a day before placing it to see if they offer you a discount.
I saved over £14 just by waiting!  
How much will you save?
They need your business so it’s worth a 24 hour wait!! 

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  1. You know what I think of them already, we had a chat about them in the past, but here is my feedback. I used them a lot in the past… Once you ordered from them, they'll regularly send you emails with offers. I never delete their email. When I want something, I just go through my mailbox and look out for the email which will have the product I want! If you do put several order at the same time (to save money using different deal) and pay for different delivery (they have 3 kind, slow, medium, fast), they 'll use the shortest timed one and shipped everything at the same time in the same parcel! So paid for one fast delivery and got everything at once! How great is that!Also do check, if you're on facebook, the get facebook credits. I can get special offers on there as well, so that means cheap product PLUS extra FB credits!I tasted a good range of their product: photo albums, business card, magnets, keyrings, postcards… They're pretty good value for money really. But one thing you need to know, they'll make their money on 1- postage 2- extras (no logos, extra pages, photo download …) so be careful when you're selecting your product!Another idea… If you want to make invite cards, or a thank you card, here is what I done: I used their postcard service, which is meant for promotion used, and personalise it with a picture of my daughter and my own text. I was pretty pleased of the outcome, and it all turned out for like 13/14£ altogether, most of the price being the fast delivery (didn't want to wait). I think with 3 weeks delivery time it would have turned out for like 8£. How good is that?

  2. Thanks for the extra tips Virginie. The offers & p&p do vary as you will have found being in France. I like it that they've kept all previous orders there so it's easy for me to look at & check if they have any good offers on.x

  3. It is a Deutsch company. I think postage are more or less similar. They're trying to bribe me by sending me offer for calandars with my overcute baby on the front page. Mugs as well… Must resist, must resist!!! x

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