Our alternative Christmas

So Christmas this year wasn’t entirely what we had planned but can you ever plan an illness?

My poor sweet brother in law had been ill the week before Christmas but had tried to carry on as normal but ended up having to call the doctor out & being given antibiotics, but they failed to help him & they called him out again on Friday & he sent him straight to the hospital for an x-ray where it was confirmed he had pneumonia on 1 side & was being kept in over night.

Saturday, Christmas Eve came & went & he was still in the hospital with very little being done whilst they waited to see if the new antibiotics would help him.

Today, Sunday, Christmas Day, he woke feeling a bit better & the hospital said it looked likely he could go home, although his potassium levels were up it was looking good for going home, yep at 10:20 he was told he could go once the paperwork was sorted out…………………. yep the waiting game began, he eventually was able to leave at about 3pm! He even had to endure a hospital Christmas lunch, which although it didn’t look too bad he said the soup was uncooked packet soup, the main dinner was terrible & even the christmas pudding tasted really bad!  
He’s got to go back on Wednesday for further tests & x-ray’s but fingers crossed he’s well on the way to a full recovery.

We will be celebrating our Christmas in a few weeks when he’s better & my sister has recovered from her flu that she’s also been suffering with. It will be a great day when we finally get to do it!

We did spend a couple of hours this morning with my stepdaughter & her baby who was celebrating her 1st Christmas & that was a lovely way to begin our day.

It was just the 3 of us for lunch but we still had turkey & all the trimmings, but were too full for a pudding! We had a lovely walk & then it was back to the TV & hubby having a snooze! I now know we’re getting old as the amount of rubbish generated from presents had significantly decreased!

Crunchie enjoyed her 
toy Santa & quite soon he was looking rather
worse for wear!

Christmas in not about how many presents you give or receive it’s about family & friends. It’s this time of the year we remember all our family members & friends who we’ve lost over the years. I’ve had quite a few tears during the day especially when re-creating my mom’s Apple Streusel Pie, which I do have to admit she would be very proud of my effort! I made 2 rather large one’s & have put 1 in the freezer for our “other” Christmas & finally had a slice for my tea, it was even if I do say it myself, yummy!

This is the 1st year for as long as I can remember that i’ve actually watched the soaps! I must remember not to again as they are so depressing. It’d be nice if once in a while they actually have a happy Christmas day instead of all the drama! 

Last year we spent Christmas with friends in Melbourne Australia having prawns on the barbie & turkey eaten out doors & a walk on the beach. Click the links to read about it & our amazing Boxing Day!!!

Christmas is nearly over for us & this years will be gladly forgotten in the most.

I hope you all had a good day & you were able to spend the day with the one’s you love.

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