Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

Ok hands up if you remember the “old” Weebles? 

They’ve re-launched them & they now seem to look like this:-

We’ve been very restrained this year & didn’t really over indulge at all, but that can’t be said about a friend of mine!!

The day seems to have been full of food & more food oh yeah & even more food for him/her. This person told me they would pop to mine but it may take a while with all the food they’d eaten & they’d be like a Weeble , so I said to just roll! 

Christmas is a time to stuff your face & feel sick & regret it for weeks after & swear you’ll be more restrained next year but when next year comes round that goes out the window & it’s “Welcome Back Weeble”!

My friend know’s I love them whatever they look like. 

“Pimp My Tent” 
is an idea were throwing around for a new line of Christmas clothes & a new TV series! Lol

 I will admit I used to love the old Weebles & not too keen on the new version!!

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  1. strangest post ever, Ness LOL!! ❤

  2. Think I am in the stuffed and feeling like I never want to eat again camp! *Weeble*

  3. Lmao it's been a long day with a lot of wine consumed Jess!!!Another Weeble joins the club, welcome in Fiona xx

  4. You can tell by my twitter name I love Weebles (weebly_one) but only the old ones.

  5. Yeah I deffo like the old 1's better & now am scanning Ebay for them!!

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