My bread maker makes a re-appearance!

I inherited my bread maker after my mom died & to start with I did use it but then found we were eating so much bread it got put away!

I dusted it off yesterday & decided to make a cake in it! It did work but needed to be cooked a little longer but it actually tastes really nice.

Here’s my chocolate fudge cake, it’s just a shame the dough blade is so large as it leaves quite a large hole in the bottom, but trust me that didn’t detract from the taste!!

So after the cake I tried some Malted bread, 
ok I cheated & used a packet that I just had to add water to!! It took 3hrs 20mins on the wholewheat setting but boy the smell was good!

We didn’t try it till today & then I toasted it & it was really lovely & lots of flavour. 
There was no hint of a doughy yeasty taste at all.

I have been told you can make jam in it but sadly there are no instructions in my handbook, i’m guessing this is because it’s an older machine as a friends does have jam & cake making dedicated buttons.

My next mission will be to use the machine to mix &  knead the dough & i’ll make ciabatta & cook it in the oven, which should be fun as my oven cooks to it’s own temps & timings! 
A cake can be in there for 30 mins & be burnt yet raw, or the next day it will just be totally raw or try it again & you’ll get a perfect cake! 

What with a temperamental cooker, a noisy washing machine & dodgy fridge freezer I don’t really like my kitchen appliances!! But guess if I didn’t have them i’d have even more to complain about!

My microwave did die the week before xmas & we had to find a replacement which was a trial in itself, but eventually we did & i’m just about getting used to it!

So please however much I curse you cooker, please don’t die on me cos I can’t cope with having to look for another!!

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  1. you can make nice stuf in there. My attempt at making croissant was terrible, but appart that stuff came out quite good. I especially liked making my own panettone. I stopped using it coz I was lazy, but really should restart! I loved the smell of the bread in the morning šŸ™‚

  2. Yeah not sure croissant's would work at all in there! Oh panettone now that would be good, if you've got a recipe that works can you let me have it please.Our house smelt gorgeous all afternoon. šŸ™‚ xx

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