It’s been confirmed!!!

I can officially confirm I have NO sense of rhythm!!!

Today my Wii Zumba arrived & decided to give it a go, oh dear! I’m sure if she could, Crunchie would be laughing!!

The box looks fairly normal but inside it contains HELL!! Lol 

I started off with a single class which lasted about 4 mins & nearly fell over my feet! But I survived, just!

Next I decided to move on to do a routine ……………. ok I clicked the wrong button & off it went for 20mins!! All I can say is thank goodness for the pause button!! Laugh, I nearly wet myself as off she goes spinning, hopping, jiggling & swaying (now that I could cope with!) 

I didn’t do too bad but she was a damn sight better at it than me! I will NOT be doing this when there is anyone  else about for fear of causing a mass outbreak of hysteria!!

I will carry on using it but I can’t promise I will get any better …………… I’ll let you know if I manage to turn the corner & become synchronised!!

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  1. hehe… the xbox one is just as bad… wow… Jeff and I sucked at it!

  2. Lmao that gives me hope!!! :-0 xx

  3. Monica is the one you are talking about for xbox kinnect? If yes I'll have to get one.. I finally managed to get mine hooked up & I'm loving it, but omg dance central is kicking my ass so far… one dance.. 10 minute break.. next dance followed by another 10 minute break.. takes that long just to bring the heart rate back down.. lol. Ness – my daughter goes to Zumba exercise classes – they are pretty popular around here & she keeps telling me I should go. But pffft.. I'm like you & would prefer to do it at home & keep the hysterical laughter to myself! lol

  4. I actually managed 20mins with only 1 break to let Crunchie out!!We 1st saw it on Australia & were knackered just watching! It's fun but deffo just for my own eyes!! Lmao x

  5. So not for me. Last week I managed to knock the same little booklet of the same table four times on the same day. I barely have rhythm.

  6. I clear a large space before I start!!! Lol

  7. Thank goodness I'm not the only one – seriously how is anyone supposed to keep up and that on beginner – my arse! She goes left, I go right, she goes up I go down – I'm just glad the do it on the Wii as at one stupid point I thought about classes – Ekkkk can only imagine!

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