WIN a family Christmas Holiday

The lovely  people at Coombe Mill Farm are offering an amazing prize you & 6 family or friends for 10 nights …………. yep 10 nights!! 

The pictures show you the fantastic quality of the accommodation you could stay in if you win. 

Go & have a look at all the other properties & all the fun that you & the family could have around the farm.

   Pssssssttttt Farmer Nick is quite a catch by all accounts!! (but he’s not being given away with the prize but he will be there to show you around).

The farm is home to 6 children who range in ages (Fiona had triplets!!!) so there are other children there for yours to play with & to show round & introduce the animals to. 
Click here to see the team in it’s entirety. 

I’ve read so many of the reviews & believe me this place is amazing ………….. go read them for yourself if you don’t believe me! Check out what they got up to this Christmas (although don’t mention quad bikes!!) 

Good luck in the competition & it’d be a fantastic Christmas holiday for you all. 

                                    Click here & go & enter.

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  1. Oh wow, how kind are you! Thank you so much for helping to promote us! Hope you will come and visit with the family one day x

  2. Wow that really is amazing accommodation.

  3. Your so welcome & I love what you do, it's all about families & getting back to hte real meaning of having fun.I know Georgina i'm scared to go cos would never want to leave! x

  4. Oooh thanks for sharing! I have been dying to stay at Coombe Mill since I discovered them on Twitter! What a great comp 🙂

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