Mia Tui

I was lucky to win a voucher offering me a money off any Mia Tui  product. 
Ok I headed off to look & went WOW, what lovely bag’s they’ve got, but not only bags but they do purses &  iPhone purses plus more. 
Have a look you’ll be impressed. 

I finally (after a few weeks of looking) made my mind up & chose the Ava in brown & the Grace also in brown. I chose both with pink lining but you can have a blue lining, the choice is yours.
I ordered then on Friday & today, Monday they arrived, speedy fast or what??

So beautifully packaged.

This is the Brown Grace with a gorgeous decoration on the side zip.
Love the pink interior. 

  My gorgeous Ava Bag in brown.

The pink lining of the Ava.

My bags 🙂 

No your eyes do not deceive you there are 3 yes 3 bags there!
 Charlotte very kindly sent me a Grace Canvas in beige as well. 

All the bags have amazing compartments on the inside the Ava includes:-

  • 1 Clear internal bag with hand strap
  • 1 Matching Clutchbag with hand strap
  • 2 Water bottle holders
  • 2 Key clips
  • Phone holder
  • Pen holder
The Grace includes :- 

  • 1 Matching Clutchbag with hand strap
  • Water bottle holder
  • Key clip
  • Phone pocket
  • Pen holder

I love the fact that on the Grace the strap is long enough to wear over your body meaning it’s secure but allows you to have both hands free, but the strap can be made shorter as required. I have real trouble keeping bags on my shoulders so this will be fantastic for me.
The compartments inside make it so easy to actually find things instead of having to root to the depths of the bag to find them.

 Thank you I love with my Mia Tui’s!

Please pop over & take a look at Mia Tuiyou will fall in love & also say hi to Mia Tui on Facebook & Twitter

There is a special offer on at the moment while stocks last ………….. go on you know you want to check it out.

Mia Tui a bag for all reasons.”

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