Such a lovely prize

A few weeks ago I won a prize on an American contest & they sent it to a good friend of mine in America who is expecting her 1st baby really soon.

Thanks to Roger at & Alvin at Furry Feline Creatives for this lovely limited edition Purrverine plush doll which I chose the Wolverine inspired Purridge doll.

This is the message Krissie sent me.
Its adorable first off. 🙂

When I opened the package I was surprised because its much larger than I was expecting!  Its about 15-16 inches! His scarf is removable and it came with a fun sticker with a picture of all the different characters and the company website on it.

The only thing it wish is it didn’t come with washing instructions.  I haven’t checked the site to see if there are instructions on there but knowing if machine washing or spot cleaning is preferred would be great!

All in all it is completely adorable and I know the baby will love it! 

Thanks also to Krissie for kindly writing this blog post for me.

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  1. I know so gorgeous aren't they. I'd never seen them before & so jealous of Krissie now!! Lol x

  2. Its cute, except the talons are kinda creepy. I know its 'Wolverine' based, but isnt it supposed to be for babies? A baby toy with talons?? I might simply be too fuzzy though.

  3. Hi Ness and Krissie!Congratulations again! All our plushies are handmade by my wife Cheri "Furry Feline" Ong. We are very glad you love it! Furry Feline Creatives is a new company which just started on Sept 2011 who are taking big steps to share our creations to make people smile. PS. I also updated our product description and added the washing instructions, thanks for the suggestion! :)*Spot cleaning preferred.

  4. These aren't really for babies, it's ages 3 & up. They could also be categorized as Designer Art Toys. :)

  5. Thanks so much for the contest and the Purrverine. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for the contest and the Purrverine. 🙂

  7. oh an i also meant to add i love the talons and it's basing on Wolverine. it kind of reminds me of an Anime style which i enjoy. 🙂 This will sit in the baby's "pet net" until she is old enough to care for it and play with it properly (not toss it in the dirt when riding in her stroller, LOL!!)

  8. Thanks Alvin & Cheri they are lovely.Speedy fast of you to do the washing instructions. Baby will have something for when she's older & Krissie can tell her the story of it's creation.Who know's by then it could be worth a fortune as it's limited edition ………….. fingers crossed. xx

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