Things to do before i’m ………

Are you kidding? 

I’ve got to admit how old I am & the stuff I want to do before that age? 
Thanks Fiona at Coombe Mill Farm for including me in this crazy meme list!

The idea originated from two point four children who has an amazing 40 “to do’s”!  
Ok here goes:-
Things to do before i’m 50! 
(omg that sounds so old & not that far away!)

  1. To lose a shed load of weight
  2. To stop putting off the ironing until the pile topples over!
  3. To not start smoking again (quit 4/10/11)
  4. To travel more & see more of the world.
  5. To retire!
  6. To be a better daughter & sister.
  7. I’d like to be more adventurous with my slow cooker.
  8. Do my tax before the last few day’s of the tax year!
  9. Sell all the stuff we don’t use.
  10. Clear out my wardrobe & be ruthless & not hang onto the clothes “just incase”
  11. Keep my car clean inside & out.
  12. Stop wimping out & eplilate my legs through the winter aswell as the summer.
  13. Moisturise my skin daily & not just when I remember.
  14. Read all the books i’ve downloaded onto my kindle.
  15. Visit Coombe Mill farm.
  16. Become a better blogger.
  17. Stop watching cooking programmes.
  18. See WBA win the Premiership! Lmao yeah right
  19. Shampoo my carpet’s regularly.
  20. Be a better friend.
I tag:

Once you’ve done your list head over to Two Point Four Children & link up your page.

Have fun!

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  1. Great list, I had to put someone on there who was with me for 50 next! Well done quitting smoking and hope to see you when you achieve number 15!

  2. Lol thanks for that!!! Reminded me to look in the mirror & see who I really was!!Fingers crossed #15 will be sooner rather than later xx

  3. great list I cam so identify with 11, 12 and 13! My list has lots on it so that I can try and achieve at least half:-)thanks for linking up

  4. Your welcome & it's fun looking at it even if I don't achieve most of it, I can try.Good luck on getting 50%!! xx

  5. How about enjoying a romantic break in the Lake District? Now there's an achievable one before the Summer ;-)Love the list – and well done for quitting smoking.The best way to deal with number 2 is to cut down on the stuff you iron. I don't iron things unless I ABSOLUTELY have to. The creased look suits me!

  6. My niece is going in our place as she's had a rough time with illness & losing her grandparents in the last few months so we thought it'd be a nice treat for her. She's going to take loads of pics & do a review for my blog for me. (I love sharing my win's around & helping others out).I am proud of myself for quitting cold turkey, so thank you.My creased clothes go with my creased skin so it's not a problem!!! Lol

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