Our late Christmas

Due to my brother-in-law being in hospital with pneumonia & my sister being very poorly we cancelled Christmas this year. 
Finally yesterday we managed to go & visit them & deliver not only their Christmas presents but Gaynor’s birthday presents which she also missed because of being ill.
This is the gorgeous slimline holdall from The Camouflage Company who had kindly given it in a prize draw that was ran by Cheryl.

Dad checking out his presents!
This was our “Christmas” dinner with a slight difference!
Curry was the order of the day!
I’ve just noticed the wine glasses are all empty!
As we’d missed Gaynor’s birthday I made some cupcakes as a belated cake & it is Ian’s birthday on Thursday so I killed 2 birds with 1 stone as they say (let’s hope the cakes weren’t that bad to kill anyone!!)
Chris my brother-in-law made this yummy trifle.
The cakes were lemon & chocolate cup cakes. Click here for the recipe for the main cake mix (drizzle or butter icing as required!)

We had a really lovely evening with curry, a lot of red wine (some drank more than others!!! mentioning no names here!)& topped off with a few episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boy’s. It got to the stage we could hardly breath we were laughing so much.

We headed off for home about 11pm & normally it’s an hour drive home & halfway down the M69 on the gantry’s it said there had been an accident on the M6 junction 3-3a, our junction.
We thought as the traffic was so light that it wouldn’t be much of a problem, sadly we were VERY wrong & ended up stopping completely about half a mile from the accident & sat there, & sat there oh yeah & sat there!
After 30mins I followed suit & turned off my engine & lights which made it really eerie being on the motorway in pretty much darkness apart from a couple of cars that left their engines running. 
Click here to see our view!
Thankfully Crunchie was tired & slept through the whole thing with just the odd look around, but she didn’t need the toilet!
We finally set off an hour after we had stopped & passed a Range Rover on the back of a pick up truck which had sustained some damage &  damage to the road surface from the inside lane right across to the outside lane!
We finally got home just after 1am but the last part of the journey was a little tense as by then WE both needed the toilet!!
Let’s put it this way it was a huge relief to get back!

All in all we had a lovely afternoon/evening with the family & look forward to another fun filled get together in the near future.

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  1. That looks perfect for storing Christmas presents

  2. Yeah all mine for next year??? Lol x

  3. Doh, just found the rest of the post, now I understand your Silent Sunday and why you arrived home so late. Shame the journey took the edge off what otherwise looked like a great family day

  4. Thankfully it wasn't cold or raining sitting there or it would've been horrible! x

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