Gorgeous handmade gifts.

Way back in November maybe even October I was Chatting to Sarah from Silver Birch Crafts & asked her to make a bag for my sister which turned out even better than I expected. 

Sarah is well known for her “Spotty Bags” 

It arrived so beautifully packaged I refused to open it so had to wait till Christmas which you can read about by clicking here!

So another month down the line I finally got to see it in all it’s glory.

Sarah had the design & I chose the 2 different materials, I did falter a bit after i’d seen the other materials she had used but after seeing it properly I & more importantly my sister loves it.
My brother in law bless him always has to wait for his birthday present till Christmas, it’s that or get a boring gift voucher! 
Keeping him guessing is more fun!!

I knew he needed a new dressing gown so Sarah said she’d got a grey 1 which would fit him.
Next was to decide what was going to be printed on it.

We had fun thinking about it & then Sarah had a brainwave as you will see below!
Chris “The Boss” on the front

And :- “In His Dreams” on the back!

Again I hadn’t seen it as it was all neatly packaged so I didn’t want to mess it up (plus I know Sarah had enough trouble getting it back in the box!)

We all cracked up laughing when we saw it. It’s fantastic.
It’s unbelievably soft & snuggly. He loved it.

Thank you Sarah for these gorgeous gifts.

Please pop over & have a look at all the wonderful bags, phone covers, pencil cases & many many more handmade items (far too long a list for me to mention here!).

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