Back Off Granny!!!

This evening i’ve been having a chat with a friend on Facebook (yes I should’ve been doing other things but oh well!) & her son’s girlfriend is expecting a baby in March & I asked tonight how the bump was growing & to quote:-

The baby bump is growing and looking so cute. Did you see the ultra sound picture I posted a week or so ago? Soooooooo cool!!!

I am getting more and more excited and wishing I knew the sex of the baby so I could start buying clothes! hahaha *** says she’d like to know but **** doesn’t want to know so they are waiting.. booooooooooooooo

How can I buy pink clothes if I don’t know if it is a girl? lol 

My Reply:- 

 Oh I think it’s great they don’t know what “it” is that makes it more fun & just think when  she does give birth you can actually say to people when they ask ” It’s a ??? or ????” rather than just telling people it’s name & weight or though most people know what it’s going to be called before it’s born so I think it’s lovely & tell **** i’m proud of him for waiting.

Her reply to that!:-

 I’ll tell **** you said that.. but make it clear I do not agree.. LMFAO hahaha I do in a way – but in another way it is nice to be able to buy things & help them get prepared & that’s easier if you know the gender…. how did I survive when it was my own kids & they wouldn’t tell us even if we wanted to know back then?! lol 

Ok by this point i’m laughing so much:-

 I don’t care if you agree me & **** are right in this !!!!! You can still prepare cos the baby wont give a nappy full of shite what it’s wearing!!!

So back off granny & wait till she’s pushed it out!! Pmsl………………… I so needed that laugh then!! bahahahahaha back off granny!! Oh I feel a blog post coming on!!! 

 The laughing went on for quite a while & I said to her was there anything she’d like me to quote her on & this was her reply :-

hahaha you can requote me as saying I am not OLD enough to be a granny! A nana or a gamma maybe.. but granny.. NO WAY! hahaha

So what do you think?
 As I said this is my personal view as I feel it’s like getting your Christmas present’s in July if you know, it’s the excitement & the not knowing & then being able to tell people what sex the baby is (lol nearly wrote there “tell people what sex they had” …………. but that sounds so wrong!!) 

A baby is a miracle & a total blessing & the not knowing is all part of the excitement associated with having a miracle.
 I can’t wait till March comes & I can find out exactly what sex the baby is & listen to GRANNY cooing over & showing us all the pictures of “IT”! 

Good luck to the new mommy & daddy to be & enjoy your little bundle of joy, whatever it may be. xx

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  1. OMG LMAO ummmm I think I know your friend, and I must say I agree with HER! hahahaha What is wrong with Christmas in July? Which does just so happen to be the month of was informed of my impending nanahood… haha But speaking of Christmas – wouldn't it be helpful if I knew whether I should tuck a bunch of special pink or blue gifts under my tree this year!? ;p

  2. Stop being so impatient & wait till they tell you what it is, the baby wont need a christmas present this year anyway!!! I love my friend to bits but she need's to chill GRANNY!! 🙂 xx

  3. Well…I agree on both sides :PI wouldn't mind waiting…but for the people around you, it's nice to tell them know pink or blue..but when all else fails…you get yellow, green, orange and black LOL..then fill in pink & purple/Blues when you do know! 😛

  4. I recall being VERY impatient about this when I was expecting my own babies… even though at the time our hospital had a policy of not telling the gender (there was a lot of controversy at the time that people would abort children if they were not the desired gender)… but on my 2nd child (had a son already) I convinced my doctor that I needed to know, and she posted a message on my ultra sound request for the tech to tell me… the tech still refused!!!! I was very upset about it, but carried on! About a week before the baby was due I ran into a "pink" sale and could not resist buying a LOT of baby clothes.. I convinced myself it was a sensible thing to do since I already had some adorable blue clothes from baby #1. It all worked out & I had best dressed fashionista in the maternity ward! lol Is there a point to all of that?!? YES – isn't it weird that baby 1 is now going to be a Daddy?!? Once again it is no surprise I'm being impatient! haha ;p

  5. I Love My Grand Daughter But NOT because she is My Grandaughter…. She is what she IS… LOVED SPOILED… ADORED… she could be 1/8th 1/16th seriously makes no difference I Love her and she should be…. BE JEALOUS!

  6. That is so true Brenda.. I am already in love with what according to Jessica (poster above) looks like an alien.. it matters not.. I love the cute nose!

  7. You could also be like that couple in Toronto that even after the birth of their child they refused to identify its gender LMAO..

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