Honestly it self combusted!!

Crunchie is a demon when it comes to soft toys & they don’t last very long. 
She had played with her ball for a few hours the other day & then left it, much to our amazement!
So today I decided to let her play with it again & she had fun chasing around the lounge with it, but stupidly I forgot to close the lounge door & after about 10mins of playing she shot off upstairs.

I left her for 5 mins & this was the sight that greeted me!!!

I don’t honestly think she can deny who it was that destroyed it!!! 

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  1. lmfao reminds me so much of sally,now i buy her teddies out the charity shops cos im not paying for good dog toys to end up like this lolLots lof lovesWendy xx

  2. Thankfully this was poundland special! I only ever buy those now! She's so funny cos she leaves all the soft toys that are in the lounge or on the bed completely alone!xx

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