Fudge Kitchen ……… OMG

I entered a competition on Twitter to win a prize from Fudge Kitchen @fudgekitchen http://www.fudgekitchen.co.uk/  http://www.facebook.com/fudgekitchen?sk=wall  & was amazed when I got a message saying :-  

 Fudge Kitchen 

 – WINNER!!!!!
and then

 Fudge Kitchen 

WE HAVE ANOTHER  WINNER ….. Today it is an Irish Cream Drinking Fudge – its a brand new product & totally delicious!

Drinking Fudge I hear you say! Yep I said it aswell but they do do drinking fudge!! This is a new concept to me totally!!
The I got this email message from Emma from Fudge Kitchen:-

Hello Ness

You have won an Indulgent Irish Cream Drinking Fudge which will be sent out today – and we’ll put a slice of our Traditional Toffee in there too for you!
Kind Regards
Emily Murren

Ok that was sent yesterday & the package arrived today, how exciting to find a heavy box waiting for you & on opening it I found these inside :-

As you can see the piece of Traditional Toffee Fudge is HUGE & I am at the moment resisting the urge to eat it (ok i’ve scrapped a little off with my nail & am in fudgy heaven) not sure if hubby’s going to get a look in!!! 

I haven’t tried the drinking fudge yet as I want to make it & indulge in the flavour when I can take the time to enjoy it.

And once we’ve (yes I did say we’ve) tried the fudge I’ll let you know how much we enjoyed it!

Thanks Fudge Kitchen, if you want to open  a shop in my area please feel free!!

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  1. Oh that does all look delic. Enjoy!

  2. I can't wait to try it but resisting till hubby's around!! x

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