Toad in the hole

Wooohoooo tonight I cooked toad in the hole for my lot for the 1st time in more years than I care to remember . 
After speaking to a few people I took a professional’s  advice on it in stepped Holly Berry (from Great British bake off) & pointed me in the direction of our reliable Delia & her toad in the hole with roasted onion gravy.

Just gone in the oven.

After the cooking  ………… looking good if I do say so myself!

How light & fluffy does this look? I’m actually impressed with myself!

I made onion gravy to go with it & mashed potato’s but sadly I had to go out to work & left the others to eat it & other than there was a lot they seemed to enjoy it.
The rest has been portioned up & will be frozen for future “easy” tea’s! 

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  1. Oh this is a favorite in our house. I think it pops up every 2 – 3 weeks on the menu. Now you have rediscovered it I bet you will be the same!

  2. Yeah once they eat the left overs from the freezer it might get re-stocked!!!

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