A lesson learnt

I went on to a website to check a competition I had entered & was shocked to see my name on it as 1 of the winners. 
I had sadly written the wrong date down as I had thought it was a typo but apparently not :- 

This competition will close on Thursday 3 November at 7pm.     **** will pick the winners and announce them on Friday 4 November. Winners will have until Friday 4 November at 10pm to claim their prize.
Saturday, November 5th, 2011Thank you so much to everyone who has entered our fabulous . . . . . competition. Sorry for the late announcement of our winners but again we have had a great response! (they had 44 entrants!) So, lets see who is the winners are…..
Baby . . . . .  Winner: x/x/x/x/x

. . . . . .  Winners: Ness Gorton and x/x/x/x/x (I actually can’t even find this person on the entrants list!)Congratulations!The winners need to email . . . . . . .  by 7pm on Monday 7th November to claim their fantastic . . . . . prizes!

As you can see from the details the dates kept changing so it’s no surprise it was hard to know when it ended!

So I emailed in the hope that I may be lucky & still be able to claim my prize but after 2 emails & 3 messages on twitter I finally emailed them again saying if I didn’t hear anything within 24hrs i’d blog about then in the negative.

Well a few minutes passed & this is the reply :- 

I’m sorry for the delay. I was trying to get another prize for you, but haven’t been able to, to date. So for now, we’ll have to leave it as your not having claimed in time so we can’t give it to you as it’s gone to someone else. 
Very sorry about that. I didn’t want to give you false hope if I couldn’t help, that’s why I’d not replied. Many thanks****

I replied :-

Thanks for getting back to me & letting me know. It’s a shame I wrote the wrong date down, but thought by putting my contact details I would’ve been contacted.Can you then remove my name from the winners list & add the person who did win & also confirm who the other winner was as I can’t see her name on the list of entrants. Maybe also give people a little more time to accept the prizes as I for 1 had no net access other than my phone for a couple of days so couldn’t have checked on those dates.

The reply :- 

Hello NessThank you for the email. We’ll look into your suggestions going forwards.Many thanks

As I stated in my email to them they had my email so could’ve very easily have sent me an email, i’m not actually sure why they need that info if they aren’t actually going to contact you.

This was a competition for 3 prizes. A crazy lady ran a tombola that had nearly 200 prizes & she managed to contact each 1 either via twitter or email. Well done to her, it’s a shame some of the large company’s ignore us little people & forget the customer care!

A lesson learnt. 

Note to self :-

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