MAM teethers

I was asked by MAM to review their new teether.

It looks like a four sided butterfly with 2 sides plain white & 2 sides pink with different ridges on to help sooth sore gums.
As you can see from the following pictures it was an instant hit with Paige!

She immediately popped it in her mouth & after a few attempts got 1 quarter side of the butterfly in her mouth & had great fun chewing on it.
I’ve not seen anything like this design before & from an outsiders point of view (seeing as Paige can’t actually tell us) she had no problems with using it & it certainly seemed to like it. 
 She was even trying to share it with the dog who thankfully didn’t take her up on the offer!

It comes in it’s own microwaveable sterilizer/travel box making easy to keep clean & take around  with you. It’s very compact & i’d definitely say that was a massive advantage with all the other baby thing mom’s have to carry. It’s nice & easy to pop into your bag & have it handy when it’s needed.

As it stands I don’t know what the retail price of this will be but it’s certainly worth buying not only for the design but the quality of the teether. 
So keep checking their site for updates

Well Done MAM this is a fantastic product.

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