What sweets do you remember from yesteryear??

Fancy checking out Retro Sweets? Well click here, how about following them on twitter, but please carry on reading before heading off & please feel free to leave any comments & if there are any sweets you remember than let us know about them. On the web page you can click a like button for your favs, gone on see how many you DON’T like!!!

It’s really funny when you start talking about old sweets the memories it conjures up, we’re having so much fun trying to remember all the old sweets. After chatting to friends these all got thrown into the conversation :- nut’s , coconut, caramac , macaroons, peanut brittle, humbugs (from the very older generation) omg the memories that are coming back,
Curly whirly’s, which now seem really small ………… is that cos we’ve got bigger or are they really smaller than when we were kids???

Shrimps & flying saucers…..toffee bonbons, chewy nuts, treats, humbugs, pontifract cakes, herbal cough sweets,
barley sugars…….. walnut whips ………… spogs yuck……….. pontefract cakes………….. pear drops acid drops sherbet pips, kali opal fruits marathon not snickers, rosy apple, pineapple chunks, jelly babies…….  juju’s …….sugared almonds, fry’s mint bars, meltis fruits, nougat,shrimps, flying saucers, toffee bonbon’s, chewy nuts, jelly beans, pear drops, acid drops all got mentioned, toffee, in a big tray cracked with a toffee hammer, fox’s glacier mints & fruits, soft chewy mints in the white wrappers. Our grandparents keeping them in a tin next to them ready for our visits, now that’s a cracking memory.

My dad & a few of the chaps at the club are in their mid 70’s so the sweets they remember are more toffee based & mint based than they are now. Which they obviously still do now but the “sweets” market has taken over. 

But then the younger one’s & when I say younger I mean the 40+ generation then started on the  modern retro sweets, which actually seem more flavoured sweets rather than minty.

We then went through the Retro Sweet website & there was a lot of ohhhhhh’s & ahhhhhhhhh’s as we remembered the sweets on there.

Hubby’s faves ………… jelly beans, chewy refreshers (original), fizzy cherry cola bottles.
Mine, rosey apples, sour pip’s, rainbow Kali (which seems to be called crystals now!)

We also through a couple of name changes in the mix, we want Marathons & Opal fruits back to those names!

I know Retro Sweets do a lot of the sweets i’ve mentioned so go check them out & if you see your  favourite click on the vote button. You can click on the buy button & bring back some memories.

A quote from their website 

Passionate about Retro Sweets!

Retro sweets have long been a part of UK culture and life. Some of our fondest memories come from the taste of those favourite retro sweets that we love so dear. From soft chewy jelly sweets, classic hard boiled sweets and chocolate goodies, which often were on the top of our pocket money purchase list.

Unfortunately these days we see the classic sweet shops shutting their doors, taking these wonderful retro sweets along with them… well that was until a select few decided to retrace and restock all your favourite old fashioned sweets here online.

This site meticulously lists over 500 classic retro sweets! There really is something to suit all tastes, with each search and page view bringing back more and more memories of sweets once loved, available now for purchase. With more stock than your pastime local sweet shop could ever have imagined you now have true access to any retro sweets you can think of, at fantastic prices with quick delivery.

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  1. How do you order? it just redirects you to another website?

  2. That's how you order, it's through a different site xx

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